My Granny – Catherine Cosgrove 1900-1975

Catherine Cosgrove was my granny Brawley.  She's my mother's mother and the only one of my grandparents still alive when I was born. She was born in Glasgow on 16 July 1900 to Patrick Cosgrove, a labourer, and Sarah Helferty.  Patrick was born in Ireland as was Sarah's mother.  Catherine was Patrick and Sarah's only … Continue reading My Granny – Catherine Cosgrove 1900-1975

A Woman of Mystery – Mary Wilkinson c1832-1871

The story of my great great grandmother, Mary Wilkinson is very confusing and there are a number of pieces missing. Mary was my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother and I would love to know more about her background. Mary, it would seem, did not have a problem lying to the authorities which makes finding out the … Continue reading A Woman of Mystery – Mary Wilkinson c1832-1871