My Granny’s Other Dad – Edward Cooper 1862-1939

My maternal grandmother Catherine Cosgrove was just 7 months old when she lost her father.  Patrick Cosgrove was just 38 years old when he died of smallpox in Belvedere Hospital in Glasgow. Patrick and his wife, Sarah Helferty were married in 1888 and Catherine was their only child.  Sarah remarried and her second husband was … Continue reading My Granny’s Other Dad – Edward Cooper 1862-1939

My Granny – Catherine Cosgrove 1900-1975

Catherine Cosgrove was my granny Brawley.  She's my mother's mother and the only one of my grandparents still alive when I was born. She was born in Glasgow on 16 July 1900 to Patrick Cosgrove, a labourer, and Sarah Helferty.  Patrick was born in Ireland as was Sarah's mother.  Catherine was Patrick and Sarah's only … Continue reading My Granny – Catherine Cosgrove 1900-1975